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BaumanKan — is a Bauman University community of students and employees studying Japanese martial arts — kendo and iaido.

The name "BaumanKan" is a combination of two words: "Bauman" (バウマン) — name of Nikolay Bauman, Russian revolutionary whom Bauman University is named after, and "Kan" (館) — a Japanese word, that means "mansion" or "palace". Thus, "BaumanKan" means "Bauman Palace" or "Bauman Mansion", where we practice kendo and iaido.

At first with support of Special Machinery Department, Scientific and Production Center Special Machinery, Sport and Recreation Department and Bauman University Labor Union in the Bauman University was created Iaido Sport Section. In October 30, 2011 was held our first training in the University's Sports Center. In January, 2013 we also started practice kendo.

Our Goals: